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Listen to this explicit podcast episode about a live-on-stage Las Vegas show during October 2023 called The Marquis de Sade Presents ‘Abandon.’

This episode is the fiftieth in the long-running series, Taboo Truths and Tales Podcast Las Vegas—a guided tour of unforgettable truths and tales that happen here but don’t stay here in Las Vegas.

You are invited to go behind the scenes of the wildly daring live-on-stage show in Las Vegas during October 2023. Hear the free-wheeling conversation with the show’s producer and co-writer.

Hear the Episode Now:

This live theatre event staged in the Las Vegas Arts District during October 2023 included violence, grisly images, some nudity and strong sexual themes. Rated R – For age 17+ only.

Photographs from the October 2023 Las Vegas Production:

Abandon Las Vegas

Abandon Las Vegas photo

Abandon Las Vegas photo

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